Steps in Setting up a Trail Camera

Trail cameras have become an invaluable asset to both enthusiastic hunters and any one that simply wants to keep track of animals passing an area. As unique and useful as trails cameras are, some people often have issues in setting it up. In this guide, you are going to see a couple of steps that will help you set up your trail in the best way possible.

Step 1

The first thing you should do after purchasing your trail camera is to empty the box and make sure no item from the inventory list is missing. Also, update your camera’s firmware before you deploy it.

Step 2

Find the best location to place your trail camera depending on what you want to capture in photographs. Experts recommend that you scout locations using your Google maps and your personal knowledge of the area in question. Also, make sure your camera is on placed off the beaten path and faces the trail if you want to get a chance at capturing good pictures.

Step 3

Once your batteries have been charged, install them in your trail camera and also make sure you install the SD card. Other things to take note of are the flash settings, trigger frequency, timer, and trigger speed.

Step 4

Mount your camera by either wrapping a bungee cord around it and a tree, or go online to see tutorials on how to build your own mount. And, make sure it is mounted above eye level and the lens is kept clear.

Step 5

Activate your camera yourself to test it. It is recommended that this is done during the day and night, with different settings.


With these few steps you are ready to set up your Wildlife camera and keep it working for a long time.