iPod Party Speaker

When it comes to music and speakers, the iPod Party Speaker is the best thing since sliced bread. Just imagine you have found a nice spot, the sun is shining and what better way to enjoy yourself than to get the tunes playing.

This box of tricks is made from aluminium so is both strong, but does not feel like you are lugging a baby elephant around. Getting your music playing is a breeze as you simply drop your ipod in the top of the box and hit play. It’s upto you how loud you crank up the volume, but at full pelt this 22w speaker will be heared from over 50 meters away. The uses for this little gem are almost endless.

Music at any location is the order of play as a heavy duty rechargeable battery has been built in. Fully topped up it will play for 12 hours non stop, plenty of time for the longest and loudest of raves. Not an Apple iPod owner? good news is the Party Speaker includes a number of jack sockets, so you can use almost any mp3 player or if you prefer why not hook up a musical instrument and use it like an amp.