The Border Regional Authority is launching the completed "Profile of the Border Region" document on 27th February in Donegal County Offices in Lifford. The document will be available on line following the launch. Please contact the office for further information.


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Profile of the Region    


The launch is taking place on Wednesday 27th February of an all encompassing "Profile of the Region" document. This document summarises the region through its demograhic profile, settlement and housing, economy (including employment, investment and tourism), training and eductaion, infrastructure and cross border data. A document which is a statement of fact and provides evidence based statistical data on the region. It will be a document that will be utilised by policy makers, planners and decision makers to plan for the Region and to encourage investment into the Region.

 The Border Region derives its name from its location in relation to Northern Ireland. It is the necklace of six counties of Cavan, Donegal, Leitrim, Louth, Monaghan, and Sligo, along the Southern side of the Border.

With a total population in excess of 514,800 persons (Census 2011) which is approximately 11.2% of the state, it is a unique region with Counties in each of the three provinces of Connaught, Ulster and Leinster. It is an Objective 1 Region in the European Context.

It encompasses an area from the Atlantic Ocean on the West Coast to the Irish Sea on the East Coast. A region of outstanding natural beauty. It has the advantage of being endowned with very many strengths. Its people are warm and friendly and the workforce is well educated and willing. The area is uncrowned and unspoilt with highlands, drumlins and spectacular views over the wild Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea.

 The document will be available on line following the launch.

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